organ & Ian

"Ashley helped us as our day of coordinator and we could not be happier about our decision to choose her! I am not sure what we would have done without her. My new husband and I cannot recommend Calico Weddings enough!"

the st vrain wedding planner
E   rin & Jon

"Our whole wedding planning process was hectic to say the least, but Ashley helped us stay relaxed and confident that everything would get done in time and our day would be everything we hoped! We felt so comfortable with Calico and their kindness, ideas, and suggestions helped us so much! Anyone who is looking for a coordinator or planner should look no further than Calico!"

E  lizabeth & AJ

"I am so glad we decided to use Natalie at Calico Weddings for our day of event coordination. I have no idea how I would have done it without her, it would have been impossible. She was so easy to talk to, get a hold of, and bounce around ideas with. She worked so hard, kept everything organized, and made our day better than I could have imagined."

denver botanic garden wedding planner
Jordan & Joey

"...we were at peace knowing [Ashley] was handling the entire day while we celebrated. Would highly, HIGHLY recommend using them because they know what they are doing and work to make you feel stress-free. If I had to get married again, I would definitely choose them again!"