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Wedding Day Moments Worth Your Time

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Wedding Day Moments to Experience

Have you heard that your day will fly by quicker than you can say “its wedding day”? It’s true! Your big day will be gone in a flash, but our hope is that it was because it was filled with an extra amount of the sweetest moments that turn into those “I’ll never forget when___” kind of memories.

From the moment you wake on your special day with excitement and anticipation, the fun begins! Your favorite people are in town, everyone is smiling and crying happy tears, your mind is whirling and trying to soak up every second. With all of the excitement, the time will rush away from you without being able to enjoy some of your favorite things you’ve planned for you and your guests to enjoy. With a pre- thought out mental checklist, you won’t miss out on some of the things you may look back on and wish you made time for, had you not made them a MUST.


Make time to breathe in all the day holds. The day will come with lots of partying and will be filled with dancing, laughter, and chatting with loved ones, so be sure to take moments to sit before it all begins to be able to take it all in. Put your feet up, eat a delicious breakfast, enjoy the sunrise, sip a good latte (or a mimosa), read a romantic poem, and enjoy the calm before the busier moments of your special day begin.


This is something that can be so sweet and memorable. Create a fun way to be able to move around and say hello to each of your guests. Maybe it’s walking as a couple to each table throughout the night, or making your rounds on the dance floor by switching partners throughout two or three of your favorite party songs. Make it unique to you and your guests, and we know they will appreciate those moments of acknowledging their presence.


We know this seems crazy to remind you to do, but trust us, between talking to dear Aunt Judy and reminiscing with long lost Cousin Bill, it can easily escape your memory that your plate of delicious food is yet to be had. Make sure to sit and enjoy a bite of the food that you have delicately planned out for you and your guests. Most likely, you’ve been thinking about this meal for the last 6 months, so grab your new spouse, sit down, and savor a bite or two together. You will be very happy you did.


You know that feeling when the beat of your most favorite song comes on? That feeling of wanting to grab your best friends and hit the dance floor? We do! And your wedding day is the most perfect time to do just that. Be sure to grab those dancing shoes (or take the shoes off) and dance the night away to your most favorite thought out song. Those “forever and ever” kind of memories will be made from the laughter and crazy fun that will fill the air.


This seems crazy, right? To have to make a note to spend time with the person you just married? But you may find that it’s a bit harder to actually connect during the evening than you thought. The night will be filled with so many wonderful things and people who want you to join them for another picture or to chat about all that your beautiful life will hold…..which is what you planned this day for, right? To enjoy and celebrate with all of your family and friends, but be sure to take a moment to breathe and soak it all in together as a newly married couple. You could hold hands and take a walk in the courtyard during sunset, or sneak away to a quiet spot and sip on your signature cocktails while giving yourselves a moment to cherish the fact that you pulled off a killer party! Make time to smile at each other and feel all the feelings of your incredibly beautiful evening. It only happens once, so enjoy it….together.


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